Apple iPhone 8 Could Cost $1,000!!

Apple iPhone 8 Could Cost $1,000!!

I wonder what we spend on cell phones over the course of a lifetime…. the phone, chargers, cables, apps and traffic tickets!

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Automation never stops!

I thought that this article was interesting.

The ever changing world of hospitality. When I was a kid at college in Norwich England, for lunch we would race in our cars to Mc Donalds about 5 miles away. We could get there and back, eat and park again within the hour. It was cheap (important for a hungover student!) fast and consistent. In restaurants Fast and Consistent are key. Some restaurant forget this… especially at lunch time…

To all the restaurants in my zip code 10019, follow the lead of Chipolte- we love to pre order and pick up when ready! Please make some items available as grab and go, add additional cashiers, make credit card only lanes, encourage contact less payment (as it is so much faster than EMV)!

Sometime we are just hungry and in a hurry!!



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More processor changes!

Dear User,


I had a bunch of calls this week about letters received by merchants from their processors. Shut off dates, security checks, etc.


On top of the mess created by the EMV switch over, there are new PCI rules out and new security rules happening with the card brands themselves. Please see the links below as they are a good resource.


Call me anytime for more doom and gloom!!


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