Please read: We wanted to share this recent security message sent out by RSPA to their members.

We wanted to share this recent security message sent out by RSPA to their members. Please read:

“We are sharing this important information (recognizing that some of you are very familiar with it), but, erring on the side of caution, to help the entire population be more alert:


There has been recent activity from Russia against LogMeIn accounts. It is very important that if you receive anything from “LogMeIn” you review it carefully before clicking anything.


The first indication that an email is phishing spam is that if you hover over the URL you will see that the website the link is going to is NOT the legitimate person.

A recent example: You would expect a logmein email should be requesting you to go to In this instance the link actually went to


People are trying to gain access to credentials. DO NOT be the reason they acquire them.”


Call me if you are in doubt or receive something from Log Me in.


Make sure that your current Anti Virus is up to date. We offer ESET Live Update Anti Virus at $2:70 per month per Device.




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Cryptolocker virus: Take a backup of any of your important files right now.

Take a backup of any of your important files right now.

If you do get a Cryptolocker virus, never ever call the number on the screen!


The back ground:
We have had a few clients in the last couple of weeks get this virus or a strain of this virus.

What this does is encrypt your personal files, then changes your browser so that all you can do is read the message which tells you that all of your documents have been hijacked. Sometimes it reads the message to you!!! Usually it has a phone number and basically they want you to call, make a payment to release the files. Usually around $500.00. Sometimes they even answer the phone “Microsoft support”!! Never ever call the number on the screen!

Naturally you start to freak out and you look at your word and excel document, they are all locked with a password.

It’s pretty nasty for two reasons, it is very hard to remove this virus if not impossible, so there goes all of your menus, time sheets, excel files, costings, recipes, etc

Second reason is that it’s very time-consuming. The whole computer has to be restored to its original format, basically that means we have to wipe the drive or put in a new drive, reinstall windows, then install printer drivers, all of your favorite programs, windows updates all over again.

Shouldn’t my antivirus catch this ?

Well this is tricky, not always but usually it is always downloaded by human, and that’s how the virus gets around the antivirus. Sometimes these all links that looked like FedEx or UPS tracking, sometimes it’s just a weird email with an attachment, sometime from people you know.

How do you avoid this?

Keep your POS separate from the main POS system. Call you friend if they send you weird emails. Back up all your data somewhere daily. Call me if you need help with Anti Virus or back up solutions. I will give you a month of Anti Virus for FREE!


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