Maitre’D POS Interfaces and Modules

Maitre'D POS can do it all!

Maitre’D POS Interfaces and Modules


Many Manhattan POS customers enhance how they put Maitre’D to work by adding features from its rich portfolio of optional interfaces and modules. These can be added at any time.

Accounting Interface
Automatically transfer your Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Payroll data to most standard accounting programs and payroll service providers. Quickbooks-Yes!

Accounts Receivable
Maitre’D tracks and manages credit accounts, from generating statements to automatic payment posting. Maitre’D maintains a complete customer file, sets due dates, searches invoices, adjusts balances, and more.

Bar Interface
Maitre’D can interface in pouring systems. Systems like Berg can save you thousands in lost liquor and beer. Pour the drink and turn around-Maitre’d has opened the check and rung in the drinks!

Delivery and Dispatch
Maitre’D recognizes your callers—and retrieves their history—when the call comes in. It stands guard against late orders, sending you an instant alert of a possible problem. It generates best-route mapping, and when your drivers return it automatically settles and processes the money drop.

Maitre’D broadcasts menu and marketing updates from your main office to some or all of your locations. And it lets you create comprehensive corporate reports, and make them immediately available or automatically delivered.

Electronic Payment
Maitre’D is fully PCI and EMV compliant and secure, Maitre’D handles both credit and debit payments. Transaction data is accumulated in real time for consolidation and batch closings. Maitre’D supports most industry standard EFT and EMV devices. (Here, too, Manhattan POS can help find the right device.)

Gift Card Interface
Maitre’D POS works with every major gift card processor. Purchasing is easy: just swipe a blank through your POS card reader and Maitre’D takes payment, connects with your gift card processor, and then writes the value to the card. And accepting the card is just as simple.

Hotel Interface
Post restaurant, bar and room service checks to the Hotel PMS interface. No mistakes. $1,000’s less than Micros!

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Inventory Management
Track stock levels, receiving alerts when ingredients or supplies reach your minimum level. Measure ingredient usage against sales to watch for waste and theft. With multiple storerooms, easily requisition and track inventory from one location to another. Maitre’D Inventory Management handles ordering too.

Kitchen Display System
Many of our customers have replaced their order wheels with one or more Maitre’D Color Video Monitors—easy-to-read video monitors mounted in the kitchen. It doesn’t just show orders. It also displays the recipes and a color image of the finished meal: that helps expediters put on the final touches before service.
See More Kitchen Video Here!

Labor Management
Maitre’D Labor Management is your most accurate window into labor costs. It ensures employee documents are accurate and compliant. And it’s the simplest way to schedule staff.

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Payroll Interface
The Maitre’D Payroll interface can export your POS time clock into ADP and Paychex.

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