Maitre’D POS Table Service

Maitre'D's POS software helps table service get an edge. You meet your customer's demands, from ordinary requests to extraordinary orders!

Maitre’D is packed with features, to help increase table turns and restaurant floor efficiency. Ready for table service!

A few of the 1000’s of Features

Maitre’d POS Table Service

Split checks? Special orders? On the fly changes or rapid commands to Hold or Fire? Any and all of these can be used easily through regular workstations or handheld restaurant POS devices. With Table Service Solutions, your servers can handle any order from the restaurant floor, while managers have access to workstation functions that keep them in control of the restaurant wherever they are.


Offering all of the same functions as a regular POS, the Maitre’D wireless handheld POS systems are just as easy to use and will allow your staff to spend more time on the floor servicing their clients and selling menu items. You will see an increase in sales! The handheld user interface and functionalities are the same as a regular POS, so no additional training is necessary.



See and set employee schedules at a glance. Our graphical “time sheet” display provides accurate time and attendance data for each employee, helping you calculate staffing labor needs and reduce labor costs.


Maitre’D keeps a watchful eye on your bar inventory – and your money. Special logon controls reduce lost/stolen cash risks while optional Video Tracking Systems monitor POS stations. For 24-hour bar inventory control, Maitre’D’s real time inventory system links directly to liquor control systems – managers can ensure that every ounce of liquor poured is accounted for.


Get the business intelligence you need to master performance and profits from your operation. Maitre’D offers hundreds of customizable reporting options that measure staff service quality…detail voids, discounts and promotions…reveal the most popular sales items…monitor profit margins… and automate end-of-day processes.


Testimonial: Hear it from Robert at Thai Rock!


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