PC America Cash Register Express

PC America Cash Register Express™ POS solution is scalable for many types of retail stores, single or multi-site.


PC America Cash Register Express™ (CRE) is a retail point of sale (POS) system that helps increase efficiency and accuracy, lower operating costs, and helps you manage your inventory. The easy to use retail POS includes the features most desired by retailers, such as inventory tracking, credit card processing, cash management, customer loyalty, employee time clock and labor scheduling, and a detailed reporting interface to help retailers make smarter business decisions.

• Convenience stores • Apparel  clothing • Grocery & Supermarket • Liquor stores • Gift shops & museum shops• Book stores • Car washes • Dollar & Discount stores • Florists • Video game & music stores • Cellular & Electronics • Video & equipment rental • Tobacco stores •

pcAmerica’s Retail POS System
Retailers need cashiers to ring up sales fast so the lines stay short. Ringing up an item is as simple as scanning or touching a button. Sale and specialty pricing are automatically calculated by the POS. Cash Register Express™ is designed to require the least amount of touches necessary to ring up a customer, and performs functions faster than a traditional cash register. Quick tender keys make cash transactions fast, and payment by credit card and gift card is as simple as swiping the card — no buttons required. Payment by other tender types such as pin debit, EBT and checks are also supported. EMV ready!

eCommerce Made Easy
pcAmerica’s eCommerce solution brings your store online and helps you sell your products to a wider customer base. The online store will pull product information, pricing and stock levels directly from your Cash Register Express point of sale system. It’s never been easier to open and operate a web store.

Track Inventory and Reduce Theft in your Retail Store
The inventory tracking capabilities within Cash Register Express™ detail which products are selling, what needs to be reordered and identifies items that have been stolen or are otherwise missing. Track vendor lists, manage item costs and generate and receive purchase orders. Stock can be counted or received away from the register using the integrated Pocket Inventory software on a handheld computer.

Attract More Customers into your Store
Built in Customer Loyalty! Keep them coming back.

Control your Employees and Secure your Retail Business
Employee theft is one of the leading causes of retail shrink. Built in system functions such as discounts, no-sales, voids, and price changes can be accessed or restricted based on an employee’s unique login ID or job code. Full reporting to identify potential theft or wrongdoing.

Reporting and Back Office
Cash Register Express™ contains dozens of built-in tools to help retailers streamline administrative tasks and manage their retail stores more efficiently.

Labor is typically the largest expense in a retail store outside the cost of the products being sold. Cash Register Express™ has integrated time-clock and labor scheduling functionality to help you manage staffing and reduce labor costs.