Remote Eyes Camera Solution – Protect Your Cash!

REMOTE EYES: POS/CCTV Integration Improves Cash Flow!

Special Pricing for Hosted IP Video Valid Until June 30, 2018!

Attention Remote Eyes Dreamers:

Hosted video contracts submitted before June 30, 2018are eligible to receive special discount pricing of $19 per camera-month.  This special price is for our standard offering of 1280×720 resolution, 4fps recording speed, and 30 days of storage.  All contracts receiving this special price will be exempt from price increases for 36 months.

Protect Your Business, Protect Your Cash Flow

Who’s minding your business? Can anybody do it better than you? The National restaurant Association estimates restaurant losses due to internal theft exceed $20 billion annually. Integrate Remote Eyes with your bar point of sale system to minimize employee theft, protect against liability and fraudulent claims, improve your operations management capability, and reduce losses.

Reduce shrinkage now! Leading dining and entertainment establishments are integrating Remote Eyes with their point of sale (POS) equipment in their restaurants and bars. Hospitality leaders are saving enough money with their Remote Eyes system to more than cover their costs, usually within weeks.


We offer text over analog AND IP cameras, not on the side. By using poswatch, the end user will recoup the cost of the system within months, and it will continue to pay for itself afterwards.

Do you need mega-pixel resolution?

Remote Eyes IP camera systems go up to 5MP with a variety of options, including PTZ, wifi, and 360 degree views.

Looking for a basic surveillance system?

Remote Eyes offers economical standalone DVRs and analog cameras.

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34% of all retail and 75% of all hospitality shrinkage can be attributed to employee theft. (University of Florida and National Restaurant Association)

Integrated Video Makes Financial Sense

  • 75% of all retail/hospitality employees steal (US Chamber of Commerce)
  • 4% shrinkage is a conservative estimate.  Many retail and hospitality operators experience a higher rate of loss.
  • $25,000 in weekly sales ($1.3M annually) translates into $1,000 per week in shrinkage!
  • If POS/CCTV integration cuts your shrink in half, we will save you $500 per week or $2,000 per month.
  • A typical POS/CCTV installation will pay for itself in just a few short months.  After that, you will see long-term growth in your cash flow.