LoyalMark has integrated their dynamic and robust marketing solutions to the Maitre’D POS for loyalty, gift card & virtual gift cards; this is a seamless and easy-to-use solution!

LoyalMark’s loyalty solutions allow you to know, understand, communicate with and influence your customers; providing the ability to target market and run dynamic promotions/offerings.

LoyalMark can help you manage your customer’s purchasing behavior and entice them to purchase specific products and/or dine on specific days. With this solution, LoyalMark will not only help you attain new customers but retain your existing ones, which in turn will result in increased sales. LoyalMark’s loyalty solutions are customizable and they will build them with you to cater to your existing/future marketing strategies and goals.

LoyalMark provides the options to implement numerous different types of programs; for example: points based, % discounts, frequency (digital stamp card), coupons, etc… LoyalMark is capable of running the loyalty program and gift card program simultaneously on one card – with this capability, they are offering the gift card feature FREE, at NO extra cost and with NO transaction fees when you implement their loyalty solution!


For more information call James at 646 876 9398