Merchants Choice – Our Premier Payment Solution

With a merchant account from Merchants’ Choice, you will get a single-source provider capable of handling all of your transaction processing needs with speed, ease, and security. MCPS can offer the most comprehensive electronic payment services with the most popular payment options available to consumers. And we can customize a cost-effective program just for you.

Merchants’ Choice has the expertise and resources to help you reduce risk and gain versatility in your business. At MCPS, we specialize in providing payment processing systems for all types of businesses.

Not only do our systems allow you to increase sales and profits, but they also help you expand your customer base while minimizing the risk. Our loss prevention systems ensure minimal charge backs and greatly reduce fraud. We are able to deliver funds from sales directly to your bank within 72 hours, improving cash flow and streamlining operations. Our flexible equipment and system requirements enable us to process virtually any transaction from any source – from traditional retail to on-line to wireless. MCPS can handle it.