Technical Support

Call 1-800-901-1354 for Technical Support Now.

You can open a ticket by emailing:

and/or by logging into your Customer Portal. (Click Here)

Technical Support: POS, Cameras, Networks

Your Point Of Sale System is essential to the management and profitability of your business. Although we believe prevention is important, sometime things go wrong, you have questions and have new employees to train.

Manhattan POS provides top-tier 24/7 technical support for our clients, over the phone, remotely accessing the user PC or for more serious issues, onsite support. We offer live Phone support anywhere in the US for our POS products.

To show our commitment to you, we also offer Videos, How to do Cheat Sheets, and official documentation and manuals through our portal.


We have various tiers to meet the needs of your business.


24/7 Dinerwear Phone Support

Per month

1 terminal $39

2 or more terminals $79

24/7 Maitre’D Phone Support

Starts at $99 per month (Help-desk, Anti Virus, PC Monitoring)

$62.50 Per call up to 30 Minutes.

24/7 PC America Phone Support

Per month

1 terminal $39

2 or more terminals $79

 Please call 646-701-0004 option 7 for any questions or requests.